Design Builders of Sumter, LLC, Home Improvements, Wedgefield, SC
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design builders of sumter construction services


Design Builders of Sumter comes to your aid for all your flooring, roofing, siding and renovation needs. Please browse this services page to get a better idea of what we can do for your home.

If you have any specific questions about how we can transform you home, please do not hesitate to contact us!

design builders construction

Construction Contracting

Unsure what our team can do for you? Not a problem! Simply tell us the goals you have in mind for your construction project, and we can draft a proposal that best addresses your needs. Ultimately, we want to assist you on realizing the true potential of your property.

design builders construction and remodelling


Keep your kitchen, bathrooms, and common living spaces up-to-date with top of the line appliances and products. Whether you’re searching for new toilets, fridges, counters, or anything in between, Design Builders of Sumter can assist you!

design builders kitchen construction

Kitchen Construction & Restoration

We perform new kitchen construction and restoration of older kitchens with ease. All you have to do is answer some questions about your goals and budget, the we can create a plan that meets those goals.

design builders bathroom construction

Bathroom Construction & Restoration

Much like our work with kitchen construction, our team has plenty of experience completing bathroom construction and restoration projects. Partner with us and we can significantly upgrade your current bathroom.

design builders construction and home additions

Home Additions

Make the most of your home by expanding your home across any extra space on your property.

design builders flooring


For carpet, hardwood flooring, and porcelain tiles, Design Builders of Sumter has several options of assorted qualities and price points for you to choose from. We will help you find the flooring material of your dreams!

design builders construction and electrical


All your electrical needs and lighting needs.

design builders construction and vinyl siding

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding offers the most bang for your buck. It’s a durable exterior option and comes in a variety of colors and styles!

Windows/Replacement Windows

Windows/Replacement Windows